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This is an overview of our invoice modules.
Using ePay’s invoice modules, you can send your customers invoices which they can pay online. We develop our modules from scratch.

The list below presents an overview of the functions supported by each module, and by clicking on the module you’ll find instructions on how to install and use it. A large ‘I’ by the module name indicates that there's important information regarding that module.

Looking for Klarna or SveaWebPay?
In our technical documentation here you can read more about creating invoices with Klarna and SveaWebPay.

Any questions?
Our instructions contain detailed information on installing and using each module. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have changed the amount of supported modules. This will mean that we have some modules that are supported and updated continously. Some modules that are supported. The rest is not supported anymore, but our versions of the modules are still available for the merchants to use.

Supported but not updated:


Not supported:

Wordpress Invoice, Joomla Invoice, TYPO3 Invoice

We do only have the possibility to support Standalone installastion(Vanilla) and if we are able to reproduce the issue. This means that the merchant have to be able to reproduce the issue without and other 3. party plugins activated.

Module New payment window Localization Mobile payments
Mobile platforms such as smartphones, tablets etc. are supported. The payment window is automatically adjusted to the platform the customer uses. This is not a payment method through SMS or smartphones.
Web service
If the module supports API, you can process payments from your shop system. This means you don't have to log in to the ePay administration to capture, credit, or delete payments.
Add fee
WordPress Fakturamodul
Joomla Fakturamodul
TYPO3 Fakturamodul