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This is an overview of available parameters. Default values are set in bold.

You'll find detailed specifications for each parameter under Specifications

Name Values Comment Default value Required
merchantnumber Find your merchant number in the menu Settings -> Payment system in the ePay administration Yes
currency See a list of currenciesUse either the currency code name or the numeric code, e.g. DKK or 208. Yes
amount Amount in minor units If subscription is enabled, this can be set to 0. Yes
orderid Alphanumeric. a-Z 0-9. Max. 20 characters. For further information see:
Orderid is your reference from your shopsystem to our administration. It is also passed on to the acquirer. The use of special characters is not recommended, though they might be accepted. No

1 = Overlay
2 = iframe
3 = Full screen
4 = Integrated payment form

Overlay, iframe and the integrated payment form will only work correctly if you're using the simple integration. Please note that when using the integrated payment form, you can only accept payment cards (i.e. paymentcollection =1).1 No

0 = Disabled
1 = Auto detect
2 = Force mobile

Apply this parameter to use the mobile window. Please notice that not all payment methods are supported by the mobile window. 1 No
windowidThis defines which window to use. Available windows are found in the ePay administration under Settings -> Payment window.1No
paymentcollection 0 = Customer choice
1 = Payment cards
2 = Home Banking
3 = Invoice
4 = Mobile
5 = Other
7 = ViaBill
0 No
lockpaymentcollection 0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled
If paymentcollection is not 0, this is used to lock the payment collection. 0 No
paymenttype See all payment typesSpecify which payment type logos to show. Use a comma (,) to separate multiple payment types. If you don't want to accept a specific payment type, please contact our support team.No

0 = Auto detect
1 = Danish
2 = English
3 = Swedish
4 = Norwegian
5 = Greenlandic
6 = Icelandic
7 = German
8 = Finnish
9 = Spanish
10 = French
11 = Polish
12 = Italian
13 = Dutch

1 No
encoding UTF-8 No
cssurl Use this to override parts of the payment window v2 stylesheet. No
mobilecssurlThis is used to override a URL to a custom theme for the mobile window.No
instantcapture 0 = Manual
1 = Enabled
0 No
splitpayment 0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled
Please read this before using splitpayment. Split payment is only supported by Nets/Teller. 0 No
instantcallback 0 = Asynchrony
1 = Instantly
1 No
callbackurl Must be a valid http or https URL. Only port 80 and 443 can be used. Accept parameters will be appended. No
accepturl Must be a valid http or https URL Accept parameters will be appended. No
cancelurl Must be a valid http or https URL. No
ownreceipt 0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled
0 No
ordertext Only text is accepted. HTML will be stripped. No
group Max. 100 characters. No
description Max. 1024 characters. No
hash This is the MD5 string of all parameters combined with the ePay secret key. Only if MD5 is enabled
subscription 0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled
2 = Update subscription
subscriptionid is returned with the accept and callback parameters. If this parameter is enabled, amount can be set to 0. 0 No
subscriptionidWhen subscription = 2, subscriptionid must be the ID of the subscription you want to update.No
subscriptionname Max. 100 characters. No
mailreceipt Use this to receive an email with information about the payment when it is completed. This is NOT for your customer's order confirmation.No
googletracker Typically in the form UA-XXXXXXX. Click here for details.No
backgroundcolor HEX color code without #. Only used for windowstate = 1 and windowstate = 2 A7A7A7 No
opacity 0-100 Only used for windowstate = 1 50 No
declinetext Overwrites the system decline text. No
iframeheight Only available for windowstate = 2. Set the iframe height in pixels (px). 780 No
iframewidth Only available for windowstate = 2. Set the iframe width in pixels (px). 778 No
timeoutDefines a time span in which the payment can be completed. The value is specified in minutes, e.g. 15 for 15 minutes.